Scientist-in-Chief: Catherine Chronos is the founder of Peach Frontier Laboratories. While still in her teens at Paine Memorial High School, she committed herself to a life of science with an eye toward raising scientific invention to an art form. Prof. Chronos earned a B.S. in physics at the North Dakota Institute of Technocracy, followed by an M.S. and a Ph.D. in applied physics at the South Dakota Institute of Technocracy, as well as a Ph.D. in art history from the Art Institute of West Virginia. The revolutionary, misunderstood, and universally unappreciated nature of her research required her to leave the stagnant halls of academia to work in an independent laboratory; thus, little word of her great advances has reached the outside world. This is surely about to change - Prof. Chronos’s time has come.

Consulting Scientist: Doctor Wesley When is a professor of theoretical physics at the New England Institute of Extremely Hypothetical Knowledge. Doctor When has made several key theoretical contributions to Peach Frontier’s scientific breakthroughs. He is a long-time collaborator with Prof. Chronos, starting from their friendship when they were both students at Paine Memorial High School.